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Hold times, slow call backs, and missed appts … oh my!


Natural Conversations




What’s a healthcare guide?

Imagine a 24/7 staff member at your doctor’s office that can handle any appointment needs, ensures you don’t miss your appointment, and answer questions about the practice … that’s askMia.







Why are the benefits to using Mia?

At your convenience - Running between meetings, it’s hard to call and reschedule your visit…Don’t, communicate when it’s convenient for

No need for formalities - Communicate like you’re talking to a friend – In your native language, text slang, emojis, etc.

Plans change unexpectedly - We understand, life happens and sometimes you need to cancel your appointments, just give us a little heads

This is good news [ for somebody] … they now have a chance for a last minute appointment

“Why are you calling me, Mom?” - phone calls aren’t always convenient – reception, wait/hold times, etc.

24/7/365 access to the care you need!

Everyone Texts / All People Text …no learning a new/tricky app

Seeing is believing… *connect with Mia*


For Providers

Get control of your schedule when you want to


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